Personal data protection has become one of the most important topics for the legal and business sector in 2018. The General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter: GDPR) entered into force and determined not only the new penalties policy, but also raised the idea of ​​data protection to a completely new level.  Additionally, in 2019, the Republic of Serbia adopted a new Personal Data Protection Act based on the GDPR, which changed the idea of ​​personal data protection to a more or less equal extent. MNA team is combined of the professionals with both academic and professional expertise in the field of data protection. Not only that we work closely with both domestic and international clients to protect their data, but we also have colleagues with the unique expertise in the extraterritorial application of the GDPR, or how we like to call it “Does the GDPR applies outside of the EU”. We also have collaboration with law firms within the EU in order to assist our clients to protect their interests both in the EU and outside of the EU. Therefore, we provide our clients full support for the protection of personal data, as well as to enable a safe framework in business, which includes but not limited to different processing activities, drafting general and individual acts related to data protection, representation before state authorities, as well as appointing the data protection officer (DPO) and designated representative.

This includes

Analysis of the impact of exposure to the GDPR and the Personal Data Protection Act
Counseling and preparation of acts when presenting personal data to other countries and international organizations
Advice on the obligation to appoint a representative in the European Union
Counseling and drafting of acts in the processing of particularly sensitive personal data
Composition of the rulebook on the protection of personal data
Writing of privacy policies
Composition of the notice on the processing of personal data
Composition of consent for personal data processing
Consultation and composition of all general and individual acts during the preparation of the study and the previous impact of processing actions on personal data
Counseling for the selection of appropriate security measures
Training in all areas of personal data protection in Serbian and English
Drafting of Standard Contractual Clauses
Advising, initiating and representing in all proceedings in a company and before state authorities that are initiated in connection with the protection of personal data
Counseling regarding the selection of appropriate technical, organizational and personnel measures for the protection of personal data
Appointing and performing all tasks under the competence of the person for the protection of personal data (DataProtection Officer)
Advice on the appointment of an authorized representative in the countries of the European Union (designaterepresentative)
Continuous monitoring of regulations, opinions and decisions of state authorities in the Republic of Serbia and the European Union
Counseling in managing and compiling the necessary records when processing personal data
Representation in proceedings initiated at the request of the person to whom the personal data refer
Composition of the rules and conditions of use of internet presentations that involve the processing of personal data