IT law is a set of new rules combined of traditional and new approaches designated to meet requirements of the current digital environment. The MNA is specialized and dedicated to protection companies’ best interests in Internet-connected business. The MNA offers service aimed to enable full compliance to the latest IT related legal frameworks, which includes but not limited to sale of services and goods, protection of consumers, personal data protection and contractual relations, protection of intellectual property, protection of the content of ISP (information service providers) etc.

This includes

Advice on the choice of the main activity for the sale of goods and services via the Internet
Composition of general business conditions and rules and conditions of use of internet presentations
Compliance with regulations in the field of consumer protection, electronic commerce, protection of personal data and protection of intellectual property rights and other legal and by-laws that apply to business in the digital environment
Composition of notices on ``cookies`` and notices on the processing of personal data
Creating a strategy for selling services and goods online
Analysis of regulations related to business in the digital environment
Regulatory monitoring and regulatory compliance related to doing business in the digital environment
In-depth (due diligence) risk analysis for business in the digital environment.
Drafting of electronic contracts
Electronic invoicing and e-fiscalization
Consulting for organizing a business structure for online trading